What's this site about?

This is the Observatory - a fan-maintainted site which allows you to track various per-player statistics of Natural Selection 2 , a first-person online shooter.

Are you using analytics software?

Yes, we are using Matomo in order to analyze how people use this website. This allows us to further improve the areas of the site which people frequent.

Should you wish to not be tracked, then you can easily opt-out in one of two ways:

  • Configure your browser to send the 'Do not track' header. This can usually be done in the privacy settings. If possible, you should choose this way, as it will persist even if you clear cookies.
  • Visit this link and uncheck the checkbox.

I have a suggestion / a bug report / something else

If you want to talk in person, feel free to drop by the Official NS2 Discord , and look for user Morrolan#3163.

Alternatively, you may also report bugs via the Github issue tracker - look for the link in the menu.

Quering Players

I can't find a player I'm looking for

If you are unable to find a player, then you can try to add them using their Steam ID. Mind that you can not add someone using their ingame nickname!

Add new player

My badges don't show up

If your badges don't show up, then this is likely due to one of two reasons:

  • If your Steam inventory is private, the site will be unable to retrieve your badges. As such, make sure your inventory is publicly accessible if you want your badges to show up.
  • The PAX 2012 badge can not be tracked by this site, as it is managed in a special way.

Player Data

What is the difference between 'Hive' and 'Ingame' data?

Data listed below 'Hive' is tracked by Hive - a statistics system maintained by UWE, NS2's developers.

Data listed below 'ingame' is based on NS2+/wonitor data which we automatically download from selected servers. We try to retrieve such data from many servers, to ensure that we are able to cover as many players as possible.

What is Hive skill?

Hive skill is a metric which is used to create balanced teams, by ensuring that the average skill of both teams is similar.

It is based exclusively on your likelihood of winning games. If you win games it will tend to go up, whereas if you lose games it will tend to go down.

How much your skill is adjusted at the end of the round depends on many factors:

  • Participating in the whole round will lead to a bigger skill adjustment than joining late.
  • Being in an unbalanced team will barely, if at all, affect your skill if the team with lower skill lost, respectively affect your skill a lot if the team with lower skill won.

Hive skill is tracked on all servers which are whitelisted - that is, those which show up as 'whitelisted' or 'ranked' in the ingame server browser.

For more details, check out this wiki article: Ranking System

How do you calculate KDR, accuracy etc?

KDR as well as accuracy are based on all rounds you played for which we have data.

I got a message that no additional data was available. What does this mean?

This means that you have never played on any of the servers for which we have additional data. If you would like this to change, you could contact the operators of the servers you play on, and ask them to get in contact with me.

Why do I have this skill tier badge?

Assignment of skill tier badges is mostly based on your Hive skill. However, it also takes into account the overall trend of your skill's development. As such, two people with skill 2000 might not necessarily have the same skill badge.

Why is my rank on the profile different from the leaderboard?

To ensure the profile page loads fast, the rank shown there is cached - meaning it is calculated once, and then reused for a while.

Rank recalculation happens every few minutes, so will always be fairly up-to-date. None the less - especially if you are not near the beginning of the leaderboard - there will always be a slight discrepancy between the live rank shown on the leaderboard, and the one on the player profile.